Wednesday, March 23, 2011


bruit [brut] n.

1.) Report; rumor; fame.
2.) [Med.] An abnormal sound of several kinds, heard on ausculation.

bruit v.t.

1.) To report; to noise abroad(GNU Collaborative International Dictionary of English).

Etymology: Old English brut, noise, from Late Latin brugitus, rugire to roar; perhaps influence by the source of "bray".

"Ham. I shall in all my best obey you, madam.
King. Why, 'tis a loving and a fair reply.
Be as ourself in Denmark. Madam, come.
This gentle and unforc'd accord of Hamlet
Sits smiling to my heart; in grace whereof,
No jocund health that Denmark drinks to-day
But the great cannon to the clouds shall tell,
And the King's rouse the heaven shall bruit again,
Respeaking earthly thunder. Come away" (Hamlet, William Shakespeare, ~1600)


Oscar said...

Awesome idea for a blog.
Interesting word as well.

Zakey said...


Now I know what bruit means..

chups said...

lol, nice blog idea
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Every Day said...

the problem with using words no one no one knows them.

amBored said...

every day learn something new :) +followed

-E- said...

@Every Day
trust me, use these words (correctly and sparingly) and your professor will be impressed rather than annoyed if she has to look them up.

Triper said...

I love Shakespear, keep it going my friend!

Shoeby said...

I love this idea, I'm going to use this to build my vocabulary more. Thanks! +Followed

Cave et Aude said...

hehe. reminds me of my screensaver. it's also explaning words. :3

Enfer said...

Haha damn it, the interWEbs taught me something :(

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SirJohnBear said...

I love this word. One of my old HS teachers taught it to me, it's stuck around.

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