Sunday, April 10, 2011


jejune [dʒɪˈdʒun] a.

1.) Lacking matter; empty; void of substance.
2.) Void of interest; barren; meager; dry; as, a jejune narrative.
3.) Juvenile; childish; immature.
4.) Lacking nutritional value (GNU Collaborative International Dictionary of English).

Etymology: Latin jejunus fasting, hungry, dry, barren, scanty; of unknown origin.

"— Boris: Don't you know that murder carries with it a moral imperative that transcends any notion of inherent universal free will?
— Sonja: That is incredibly jejune.
— Boris: That's jejune?
— Sonja: Jejune!
— Boris: You have the temerity to say that I'm talking to you out of jejunosity? I'm one of the most june people in all of the Russias" (Love and Death, Woody Allen, 1975).


amBored said...

that's new for me nice

Necroticism said...

My comment is jejune :o

Venus said...

thanks for today´s word.
this blog is the opposite of jejune.

thenitefalls said...

School is jejune sometimes!

MuteMath Fan (& news junkie too!) said...

Sounds like this is a word I need to start using regularly!

Patti D. said...

very awesome word!

TheMonopolyGuy said...

Time to use these words on the internet to look like I'm a genius

Meghan Moran said...

I just learned this word the other day. You a bright eyes fan by any chance?

-E- said...

@Meghan Moran yeah i'm somewhat of a bright eyes fan. which song is it in?

Meghan Moran said...

His new album has one called "jejune stars". It's really good stuff.

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