Tuesday, April 19, 2011


savoir-faire [ˈsævwɑrˈfɛər] n.

1.) The ability to say or do the right or graceful thing (American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language).

Etymology: French : savoir, to know how + faire, to do.

"We walked over to my old elementary school and played in the dirt: made little dirt roads, bark bridges, and twig cottages on the ground beneath a tree. Fawn's friends at her school were doing the ordinary cool things—drinking, experimenting with sex and drugs—that I wasn't. I was scared of Fawn's beauty and her savoir-faire and was relieved to discover that she and I shared romantic views of childhood" ("Caught", Johnathan Franzen, 2004).

Has anyone else noticed the profound dearth of fashion blogs on the internet? There's the Sartorialist, but that's about it. How else am I going to know what brand top random girls are wearing on their nights out?


Blk Jesus said...

this needs to be used more often

Grafted said...

What a lovely sounding word

Matt Neumann said...

well now i just feel more educated! thanks for that:)

**Hype.Planet** said...

Nice word. Thanks

Endless said...

now in french?

Anonymous said...

Jessica had savoir-faire in her choice of words

Justin testing said...

Death of fashion blogs? If only it were true..

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